"Inspire young people for science and technology - that's what we do!"

This is us

1st row (from left to right): Lisa Frenzel, Anne Lehmann, Fränzi Ronneburger
2nd row (from left to right): Susanne Voigt, Franziska Weser, 
Christine Widmann

The common aim of the members of the non-profit organization HANDS on TECHNOLOGY is to inspire young people early for science and technology and take away their fear of contact with complex technology. They should learn to tackle challenges creatively with fantasy and build a positive attitude to science and technology with team spirit.

We organize various international educational programs to help young people to get access to scientific subjects and to motivate them in a early phase of their educational lives to become future engineers or IT professionals.

HANDS on TECHNOLOGY was founded in 2001. Since then we are organizing FIRST® LEGO® League in Germany. Inspired by the program we introduced and promoted  FIRST® LEGO® League to 6 further european countries: Austria (2003), Switzerland (2004), Hungary (2005), the Czech Republic (2006), Poland (2007) and Slovakia (2008). With the help of our regional partners we are proud to have 1000 teams participating in the HYDRO DYNAMICSSM in Central Europe. 

Having organized the FIRST® LEGO® League Open European Championship in Mannheim (2012) and Paderborn (2013) HANDS on TECHNOLOGY is honored to have the possibility to host again an multi-international event. We are willing to make the FIRST® LEGO® League Open Invitational to a live changing experience for all participants.